Time is running out

Time is running out

Time they say waits for man. One time I was watching a documentary and then saw all these beautiful buildings built in the 1500s and 1600s. Then it dawned on me, these buildings are still standing while the generation of people alive at that time are no more. Where did they go to? Where are they? So many questions to ask.


People still live on earth like they are meant to live forever. Very soon our own generation will go, things we built will still be on earth.

Unfortunately, people have decided to run after the cares of this world and forgotten the important thing. As much as we need to work on earth in order to survive, let’s not forget to save for the world beyond. We know that whatever physical thing we get on earth cannot be taken along with us to the life beyond which is spiritual. 

Now, doing spiritual transactions in this physical world such as surrendering your life to Jesus, Loving the Lord with all your heart and strength, loving your neighbour as yourself and every other thing the Word of God tells us to do is what builds up treasures for us in the Heavenly realm which is spiritual. Those that decide to follow the ways of the enemy also have punishments building up for them because everything is a choice and remember that God has given us free will.

Timespan of Earth

Everything happening in this World has a time span. People come and go, as one generation comes, another one goes and this will keep happening until Jesus comes. The generation that has gone are still living but are in either of two places, Heaven or Hell.

Please don’t be carried away with the cares of this world, one does not live forever on earth. While working, remember to save for eternity with Jesus. We’ve been told that there are many mansions and these mansions are of various sizes and the stones used in building these mansions differ. The reward one gets differs from that of another. Just as we have people who have done well and get rewarded, we also have those who barely made it to Heaven. The fact that they made it to Heaven is a thing of Joy.

Time is running out
Time is running out

Our number 1 goal is to make it to Heaven but even while working towards this, you can go further to receive wonderful rewards after your journey on earth is over by doing some spiritual transactions in this physical world.

Some people believe that it’s hard to make Heaven. Well, if you try to do it on your own, it’s likely to be but if you have the Holy Spirit with you and allow Him to lead you, it becomes your way of life in fact, you’ll begin to have the experience of Heaven on earth and the supernatural will become your natural way of life. People are already walking in this realm.

Some of the things to do to build up Heavenly treasures

  1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Salvation (Salvation). This is the greatest miracle one can have. Jesus is the only way to the Father.
  2. Know the reason God placed you on earth. This is very important so that one won’t be walking out of purpose.
  3. Engage in kingdom advancement endeavors including soul winning. (Daniel 12: 3).
  4. Giving to the poor and needy, tithing, giving to the course of the kingdom, etc.

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