The Dangers of Self-pity

Self-pity: The dangers of self- pity

The dangers of self- pity

Self-pity has a negative effect on individuals. People have gone through all sorts of unimaginable things in life. Some even ended up dying as a result of this but the fact that one is still alive is a gift. Even though the challenges faced by one person differs from another, there are people who have gone through worse cases.

People spend a lot of time focusing on past occurrences. As a result, they become blinded to the lovely things taking place in their lives. They let the past rob them of their present and future joy. Those that are able to overlook the past and see the best in their present actually took a conscious decision to enjoy their present and let go of their past.

The time it takes for one to achieve such a goal differs from person to person depending on their sources of help. If they hadn’t been determined, no change would have occurred.

What self-pity does

There is a difference between self-pity and self-development. The first has negative energy attached to it while the second is all positive. In self-development, one knows that there are areas in one’s life that need to be improved on but self-pity allows one to see ones-self as being maltreated and deserves the sympathy of others.

Self-pity does the following;

  1. It does not only drain one’s energy physically and mentally but also causes medical harm (depression, stress, and so on) which could result in death.
  2. Self-pity makes sympathy from others become one’s right/ reward and if not given could lead to bitterness, anger, malice, etc.
  3. It has nothing to offer. It does not make the situation go away and also does it heal one’s wounds.

Overcoming self-pity

The first step to overcome self-pity is to determine within yourself that you are going to be just fine. Better days are ahead of you and with the help of God, you will be victorious.

Secondly, don’t go telling people what you are going through or went through with the mind of receiving sympathy from them. Learn to become allergic to sympathy, don’t be comfortable around it. Although, telling your story to those passing through similar things will help them and they will be able to relate better.

Furthermore, turn that negative occurrence in your life into something positive. See it as a lesson to learn from. There are some things that happened in our lives that actually turned out making us better individuals. Some God allowed (e.g during the period of trials) while others were of the devil but God turned it to our favour.

Final note

As I said earlier, the time for healing differs for individuals but if you want the process to be faster, let go and let God help you. All you need to do is surrender totally to Him.

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