crowd: Stop following the Crowd I called you alone

Stop following the Crowd (I called you alone)

Our journey in life is on an individual basis and following the crowd could make one miss out on destiny. God called each of us for a particular purpose and at the end of our journey, we will be judged individually. Stop doing things because others are doing them or because it has become the normal thing in society.

Whatever we make out of our life is our own doing. God has His part to play and He always fulfills His but we are the ones that fall short. Stop waiting for God to do everything for you and start taking responsibilities. There are great men and women of God who stand out in life. They did something that others didn’t do.

There is a pattern for everything that happens on earth and also the Bible tells us that there is nothing new under the earth. There are stories of great men and women who stood out in previous centuries. We also have some with us on earth and there will also be those that will come after us if God tarries in His coming.

These set of people did/do things differently. They decided not to follow the crowd and would go the extra mile in doing things others wouldn’t do. Some people have received wonderful prophecies regarding their lives but not going the extra mile in asking God what you should do and doing it makes one struggle in life.

Pathfinders, trailblazers, pacesetters have a different schedule compared with the general population. They also have qualities that make them stand out. To stand out in Christ, you must know your God and have a daring faith. Nobody is born a mediocre, no one is born to settle in life. God has given every one of us a colourful destiny, now it is up to us to maximize our destiny.



crowd: Stop following the Crowd I called you alone
crowd: Stop following the Crowd I called you alone



Some Qualities of those who stood out in the Bible

Abraham: Despite being old and unable to have children together with his wife’s infertility, he never gave up faith. He believed God will give him his own child and kept thanking God.

David: A man after God’s heart was known for giving God thanks on a regular basis both in good and bad times.

Daniel: He was a man of discipline who followed God’s rules strictly. He made up his mind not to eat what was given to the king. He’s eating what the king ate was supposed to be for his benefit (for those being realistic) but he saw what others couldn’t see. When they tried to frame Daniel, they couldn’t find what to use against him asides from the law of his God.

Joseph: He never stopped fearing God despite being sold into slavery by his siblings, framed for a crime he didn’t commit which landed him in prison.

Jesus: Our perfect example knowing fully well that He is the son of God, He never showed off. Jesus made himself of no reputation, took all the insult, frame up and beating given to Him. He always said the truth all the time even though people hated it. Above all, He showed how much He loves us by asking His Father to forgive those that killed Him because they don’t know what they are doing.

There are many others who stood out in the Bible because of the qualities they possessed (which was developed). You will never find someone who follows the crowd or doing what others do (even though they are aware it’s wrong) standing out in life. The company you keep determines what accompanies you.

This new year, make a decision to stand out. Set your goals, ask God for His help on what to do to stand out then adhere to all His instructions.

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Stay Blessed.



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