Take responsibility: Why things are not working for some Christians

There are a number of people in the body of Christ who are not taking responsibility. Worse, they fake their relationship with God. Those who haven’t found what it truly means to have a relationship with God are missing a lot. I take a lot of interest in those who were once Christians but have gone back. A number of them believe their prayers were not answered, some didn’t find answers to the questions and others had other reasons.

All one needs is an encounter with God that will prove who God truly is in your life. Although, there are some who once had such an encounter but took it for granted.

Faking it till you make it does not apply in the kingdom of God. Every good thing we have seen (believe it or not) has been the hand of God. Every bad thing one experiences has been of the devil and also our own doing either directly or indirectly. Blaming God for the evil one experiences is the wrong way to go about it. God has already given us power over all situations and circumstances of life it’s, therefore, our responsibility to make a move. 

Remember the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force (Matthew 11: 12). Forcefully take what the devil has stolen from you using your right standing with God and the weapon of faith, prayer, and fasting. Stop blaming God for every evil that comes your way.

Way forward

God is pure and Holy. He knows everything about you even things you are yet to know about yourself. Navigating through life on your own without the help of God is really difficult. Knowing what principles apply to various aspects of one’s life makes the difference between those whose prayers are answered and those that are not. Someone in need of a financial breakthrough but doesn’t tithe, the person has not yet started.

The reason why a number of believers are confused and it seems things are not working around them is that their eyes have not been open to the truth of the situation and have not taken steps to get results. 

There are men and women of God who have triumphed in these areas. One can visibly see the proof in their lives. Reading their books, listening to their tapes is a good start. Some are still alive while others have passed on to glory. 

If only we can read, listen. meditate and digest what they did which is always in line with the Word of God, we will see remarkable changes in our lives. God is not a respecter of persons. Whatever result one person has gotten following a particular principle, another person can get the same thing if the same principles are applied.

In Conclusion

Always remember that there is no impossible case with God irrespective of what the doctors may have told one. Doctors are also human beings and are limited. The only reason one is still in that condition is that he/ she is yet to see the light or yet to take responsibility.

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Stay Blessed.



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