Giving God the first place in your life

The Word: Making God your all

Giving God the first place in your life

The Word of God is powerful. In this age and time, Christianity is viewed as being boring. People would rather go with those who know “what’s up” about life. Even Christianity is being diluted now but there is nothing as profitable as having a close relationship with God.

All those things that are supposedly seen as “fun” for those not of God have serious consequences attached to them. The lucky ones are able to repent before it takes their lives. That “fun” is actually a mirage for disaster. You don’t expect the devil to show you the disaster at the initial phase, he attracts people with the lies of the consequence. People who get addicted to things will normally start little by little then before they know it, they are in it and trying to get out.

It is so bad that even though they know it’s destroying their life and rubbing them of eternity with Christ, they still continue. This is not because they want to but because they have no power over it any longer. When they willingly accepted the offer from the devil who could have used human beings, internet, etc, they handed that will power over to the devil.  Even though they pretend to be happy, they are dying inside and know that their end is disastrous. This applies to all the sins one can think of, e.g drugs, adultery, fornication, bribery, homosexuality, stealing, etc.

We were once in this category, no one was born pure but through Jesus, these things are now beneath us. The good news is,  the fact that you are alive, there is hope. Don’t give up, don’t condemn yourself because God has not condemned you.

What should I do?


This is dedicating/ re-dedicating your life to Jesus. Some believe they are children of God but are not. We really need to search ourselves. A number of people, all they need to do to experience a 360-degree change in their lives is to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and confess that He died and rose again.


Giving God the first place in your life
Giving God the first place in your life



The Word of God

Once the first step is done, we become new spiritual beings even though our bodies will remain the same. Once we do this, then transformation begins. We then need to cleanse our soul with the Word of God, renew our mind, our mentality with the Word of God. We also feed our spirit man with the Word of God. Listen to Christian tapes, read Christian books and as we keep at it, our nature, personality begins to change.

We begin to lose take for ungodly things and the fruit of the Spirit of God begins to show in our lives. Once this starts taking place, the benefit of walking with God and having a personal relationship with Him becomes more evident. Some of these include peace of mind, divine protection, divine provision, breakthroughs, having the assurance of making Heaven at the end of your journey on earth, etc.

Beware of the things you do

Beware of the company you keep, what you watch and listen to, what you eat, where you go because the devil will always find ways to trap one back but with God on our side, we will always overcome.

Finally and most importantly, putting God in the center of your life makes all things work for you.

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