What to do when Children are not doing well in School.

What to do when Children are not doing well in school


A Story about Ade

What will you do when children are not doing well in school? This is a story about Ade who was a very happy child. He grew at the same pace with his other siblings but along the way, he was noticed to begin to have poor grades.

His parents could not understand what went wrong but they were fast to conclude that he was not serious and did not study hard. Due to these false allegations, Ade was always in the study room reading whenever his siblings went to play.

He began to feel neglected, unwanted by his siblings and parents and started to develop a low self-esteem. As a way of retaliating and getting the attention of his family members, He became violent and started acting irrationally. Due to this attitude,  Ade was tagged the black sheep of the family.


Still on Children

I’ll stop here for now.

God placed children in our hands for us to take care of them. In this scenario, the attitude Ade portrayed was a result of his parent’s negligence. There are many things that could have been the reason for Ade’s bad grades.

It’s important you know your children  because each child has a unique character different from the other. The way one is handled may not be the same way the other will be handled.

Some of the reasons for Ade’s bad grades could have been negative influence from friends, problems in the home e.g (fighting among parents), not able to understand properly i.e needs more efforts to assimilate compared to his mates or dyslexia. Sometimes, it might even be that the child cannot see properly.

Dyslexia is another topic on its own and to know more about this, check out my post on dyslexia.  Many dyslexics have been termed dullards and some have been neglected, not being able to fit into the society. I know there has been articles, journals about people who hide under the disguise of being dyslexic when in actual fact, there are lazy. It is also important to know that there are people out there that are truly dyslexic and suffering this misinterpretation.

When a child is not doing well in school, it’s important to sit the child down and talk lovingly to him/her. Understand what the child might be going through, every hint is important. This is not the time to be shouting, jumping or abusing the child. Whatever the case may be, there is always a way out but the most important thing is to find the cause.

As I always say, knowledge is power. All you need to do is know more about the condition which could be the inform of searching through the internet, engaging people who had children with similar conditions and in the same situations, what they did… etc.

Once you’ve loaded yourself with the required knowledge, then you’ll begin to walk with your child. Some people are fast learners. Others require more effort in order to catch up. It is also important to know that nobody is a dullard.

Once they’ve located their reading and understanding pattern, they’ll become comfortable and begin to excel academically.

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Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.



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