life, What to do when you think it's over.

Life: What to do when you think it’s over.

There are times in life when it seems like all hope is lost when it feels like everyone supporting you has turned their back on you and left you stranded. Don’t lose hope because brighter days are ahead of you.

The reason why many people don’t see the work of God in their lives that they don’t wait until the end. Some believe God is too slow, this is not true because He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Don’t let what you hear or see move you but be moved by the word of God only.

Christianity indeed is a walk with God. Many situations and circumstances in life will come your way but you have to always remain faithful.


There are times when God promises you something or you’ve prayed for a particular thing and God answers but the circumstances surrounding this situation around one’s life rather than getting better even worsens. Sometimes it might even look like there is no way out. Be patient because God is working. Only a matter of time, that situation will fissile out and it would seem like it was never there in the first place.


A Scenario.

There was a man who worked in an office with a very mean boss in an established organization. This boss was always belittling this man, giving him all sorts of work to do. This man worked extra hours without being paid. He was literarily handling all the boss had to do and was always reminded of how incapable he was in return. This man kept on praying to God for a change but it looked like anytime he prayed, the torment he got from his boss increased. One fateful day, news came that the boss had been involved in a fraudulent act and was sacked immediately. Guess who took his place? The man did.

Lessons to Learn

In essence, this man was undergoing training. God was taking him through a process so he could be matured for the post when the time comes. Majority of people don’t wait for the time to come, they’ll just resign and move somewhere else. If God tells you to stay in a particular place irrespective of what is happening, please obey. If he tells you to resign even though it’s your Heaven on earth kind of Job, please do.

Always make sure you seek the face of God in EVERY area of your life. Disobedience to God is very costly and comes with consequences. Another thing to know is, if this man was sensitive and in constant touch with the Spirit of God, he would have known what was happening and this would have given him peace and Joy. That’s one of the advantages of being in constant touch with the Spirit of God.

In Conclusion

God works in mysterious ways, His ways and thoughts are very different from ours. The way He does His things is totally different from the way we do ours. We should know that being steadfast, believing God and thanking Him is necessary during this period. This is not the time to disappear and look for help in other places or succumb to the pressure of the enemy.

Remember to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and let Him be your guide.

Once the victory is won, you’ll begin to understand why everything had to happen that way and remember, those who do know their God, shall be strong and do exploits. 

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God Bless You.

Chidinma Oluchi


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