What to do when you are in need

Our needs are quite different from our wants and being in need can be very frustrating. 

I have noticed that anytime I believe God for something but have an alternative in mind, it doesn’t work out well for me. Also, whenever I need something and I have someone in mind who might be of help to me, that person ends up not doing anything. When I retrace my steps and fix my gaze on God, it’s another source that I least expected that God will send my way. God has told us to solely depend on Him. When God says to put our trust in Him, it means trusting only Him without having alternatives.

Even when it looks like one has reached the end of the road and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, He remains ever faithful. He is too faithful to fail.

My Testimony of a need

On one occasion, my rent was about to expire (In July). I began to feel uncomfortable because I needed to leave that apartment to a better place. I had no other apartment in mind neither did I have any money for rent.

In June, I began searching for an apartment because friends around me had encouraged me to do so. Physically speaking, it is common sense to have gotten a place before one’s rent expires but I was just not led to do so. Anytime I tried, I felt very reluctant about it. The first day I finally decided to take a step, while coming back I was seriously beaten by the rain. My second attempt, I almost lost my way so I stopped.

The month of July came and I was really bothered. I was reminded by God that I still had 3 weeks to go which I didn’t even know about until later. The Spirit of God already told me to start packing which I did. One evening, I felt things were moving slowly and time was going so I decided to engage one of the mysteries of the kingdom. The mystery I engaged with was praise and worship. I use this mystery a lot, especially when I have symptoms of one sickness or the other and whenever I woke up the next day, everything would have disappeared.

Testimony continued

I praised and worshiped God for about 45 mins with a collation of Don Moen’s songs. Also, I made sure my heart was in what I did and connected to God. After this, I removed my mind from worrying about any accommodation issue and believed God will take charge. The following day, while I was at work. Someone very close to me came and request that we should go in search of accommodation for me. I remembered I had mentioned it to him some time ago. All of a sudden he became even more interested than I was in searching for accommodation ( this is how God works).

We went that very day. On getting to the third accommodation, I began to feel this bubble in my heart. When I saw the house, my joy knew no bounds. God did not only provide the money for rent which was over 3 times where I lived but also provided a better means of transportation.

When you have a need and solely depend on God, people may think you wrong. The end justifies the means and only fools doubt proof. This is just one of the many testimonies I have with respect to my needs. Remember that praise is what to do when you don’t know what else to do.

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Stay Blessed.



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