Different phases in life


In Life, we pass through various phases. While some are aware of this, others don’t really know what is happening they just flow with anything that comes their way.
There are various phases in life, each and every one of us are in one phase or the other, knowing what to do at each stage is what makes you excel.

I will group these phases into 3;

1)Childhood – Adolescent

2)Adults, working class.

3)60 years and above.

Each of these classes have their unique characteristics and I will be speaking on each of them.

Phase 1
This stage is where life begins, at this stage children are helpless, they need the care, love and protection of their parents/ guardian. This phase children learn things from people, their self image begins to develop and they begin to imagine things like what they want to become in future, having some reasonable and unreasonable expectations, make friends who will either influence their lives positively or negatively.
This phase is like the foundation of life. Parent need to be very observant and know who their children are, what they enjoy, their strengths and weaknesses because children differ, the way you treat one differs from the way you treat another.
Some children may like things related to art, craft and so on, direct them towards that part and don’t force them to study something you want.
This phase needs a lot of dedication and hard work from parents and guardian, once you do a wonderful job in this area (and I mean training your children) the remaining part will be easier both for you and them.
You will be surprised to know what children remember at this stage of their lives when they become adults.

Phase 2
This is the Adult/ working class phase. Here, individual know who they are, what they want, what is harmful and beneficial to their lives. This is the period where we need to work hard to enjoy a better tomorrow.
Knowing your goal in life, your passion, your purpose, who you are. What your mission is on earth is very vital in this phase.

People are doing jobs they don’t enjoy, they are doing things that don’t give them any satisfaction. This is the period of finding yourself and the earlier the better. Some people may have ideas of what they will become in future but it takes a higher power i.e God to direct your step appropriately to accomplish this.
You can check out my book on Making the Most of your Life on Earth to gain more insight on the topic.

Once you’ve found out what your purpose in life is, then you need to work on it. It is not enough to sit down and let things take care of themselves, if you don’t take steps, you won’t see results and you do this by disciplining yourself, be focused, determined, dedicated at what you do (especial when you know it’s the right path), cut off every distraction, keep aiming for the best and every other good thing that will keep your dream flourishing.

Be a goalgetter, dive into opportunities that present themselves, while doing all these, don’t forget to love people around you, lend a helping hand to whosoever you can. It is also important to treat yourself once in a while don’t allow the ups and downs in life swallow you up.

People tend to have “midlife crises” and other things happening around their lives but also so people begin to reap the fruit of their labour in this phase after much hard work which leads me to the next phase 3

Phase 3
This is the resting phase. It is the period where individuals rest from their labour and begin to enjoy the fruit of their labour if they worked hard in phase 2. When I say resting phase, I don’t mean they fold their hands doing nothing but the work they do in this phase will be minimal compared to phase 2.

Those that took good care of their children in phase 1 and 2 will begin to reap the fruit of their labour, those that invested wisely in various areas of their lives will also begin to enjoy the rest they deserve. While others are enjoy in this phase some others are actually still working hard and this points back to how one spent their phase 2 probably they were resting while others were working hard and it’s payback time.

The mustard seed which is a very small seed compared to others, when planted in the soil at the initial stage, nothing is seen it’s like nothing is there but through rain, sun and other necessary ingredients, it begins to grow and finally becomes the biggest tree on the block with its branches covering other trees and also housing the birds of the air.

There is that mustard seed of greatness in you regardless of where you are coming from, you need to sow it by finding what it is, working on it, watering it by making it grow through hard work, determination, diligence, sacrifice and other spice of life which includes educating yourself more and more on that area, putting into practice what you have learnt then you will begin to see the reward.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today and would love to hear from you.
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