Your Environment does not Define you.

Your Environment does not define you

Your Environment does not define you

We should know that even though we live in an environment full of darkness, evil doings, ups, and downs, we can choose to or not to be defined by it. Poverty seems like the standard, sickness including various forms of terminal illnesses e.g cancer, has become normal. This is not normal at all, this is an abnormal way of living.

What is the normal way of living?

First of all, our content should determine our environment and not the other way round. What do I mean?

You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that can not be hidden. If you get to an environment where there is poverty, stagnation, and a lot of people are having terminal illnesses and dying, it is your responsibility to turn things around by the help of God of course.

People walking with God Know what to do and obey every instruction God gives them for things to turn to testimonies. It’s until we act before God can confirm His Word in our lives. It’s not about running away from a place because it is not favourable but running to the place God has placed you be it favourable or not. We are called to be Ambassadors of Christ and partners with Jesus to change situations around. Me, Myself and I is not a good mentality. Let it be said about you that since so and so came here, this and that good thing has been happening. 

Start something

Making the World a better place starts with individuals. Don’t wait for your government or other organizations to do it for you.  Do you know that you carry a nation within you? You can be richer than your country but everything starts by putting what you’ve learnt to practice.

God is always looking for those whose hearts are right towards Him. He is looking for those who are after the things He loves so He can bless them and enlarge their coast. Everyone is destined for greatness but only those who make conscious efforts to obey God and yield to what He is saying per time thereby producing many fruits will be seen at the top.

Rather than running for greener pastures, be the change that your environment needs. Start from somewhere, then you will see how high God will lift you.

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